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Local Politics is NOT National Politics

A while back we answered the question, "Do I have to vote within my party?" The answer was NO! During regular elections you may vote for any candidate, regardless of the party you're registered under.

What's happening in Washington, whether you support our President or not, should not affect your ability to judge local and county candidates based on their own merits. If you're a registered Democrat, blindly voting down your party's line lets the current mayor and council off the hook. If they rely on you to vote for them solely based on their party, what incentive do they have to tackle difficult issues for Franklin's residents?

The FTGOP candidates hope that you will take a look at what's happening in Franklin today and decide if you think current leadership is representing you well. We would argue that Franklin's current council and mayor are neither effective nor transparent. They've become lazy under their one-party rule because there are no checks and balances to keep them motivated to serve you, the residents of Franklin.

Your choice is between you and the voting machine. No one else has to know! Before you vote along party lines, make sure the candidates you choose actually deserve your vote. #OneFranklinOneFamily

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