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Do I Have to Vote Within My Party?

Do I Have To Vote Within My Party?

If you are a registered Republican do you have to vote Republican? If you are a registered Democrat do you have to vote Democrat? What about Independents?

The answer is NO! During regular elections you may vote for any candidate, regardless of the party you're registered under.

According to's website:

Whose Options Are Limited Due to Primaries, Caucuses or Political Party?
No one’s. In the general election, you can vote for any...candidate on the ballot from any party.

So, regardless of whether you’re registered with a political party or not you may vote for any candidate. We highly encourage you to research both parties in our local township election. Don't forget to look into the past years' council actions to see if you're happy with current leadership. And, of course, you can research the FTGOP's candidates here. Follow them on Facebook here.

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