Franklin Township Republican Committee

Franklin Township Republicans elect 102 Committee members every two years. These representatives form the body that identifies, endorses, and supports candidates for local office. We also:

  • Represent your best interests and bring your concerns forward

  • Participate in FTRMC meetings

  • Support Republican candidates for Franklin Township Council

  • Engage with the community through campaign events

  • Discuss issues that impact our community

  • Serve as poll challengers at local elections

  • Meet as part of the Somerset County Republican Committee to elect or re-elect the County Party Chairperson


  • Fiscally-sound, common-sense solutions that will promote economic growth in Franklin Township

  • Transparency in our local government

  • Open communication & responsiveness of government elected officials

  • Preserving Franklin Township's open space & its beautiful historic places

  • Using tax dollars responsibly by thoroughly vetting, prioritizing, and monitoring projects

  • Training up and electing Republican candidates with integrity and principles.

lacorte suit.jpg

Bob LaCorte

Bob has been chairman of the Franklin Township GOP since 2010. He is a tireless worker for the Republican party in town & he represents Franklin at the county level. 

Reach Bob at 732-991-1710