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Download the FTGOP

house party guide.

House parties are a great way to gather people together to learn about FTGOP, becoming a member, and FTGOP's candidates: who they are and what they stand for. 

These events are held at residents' homes, can be co-hosted by more than one family, and can be casual or elegant. 

The menu is up to you. It can simply include beverages and chips, or it can consist of a casual barbecue or a fabulous multi-course dinner. You can even have a theme.

The goal of an FTGOP house party is to have fun, create awareness about FTGOP's mission and/or candidates, and to raise funds for furthering the FTGOP message. 

We are all about our community and fostering a sense of family. Host a house party & join FTGOP in this goal!

One Franklin, One Family



Download the FTGOP

house party guide.

Think about your target audience and prepare your guest list. To accommodate for those who decline or cannot attend at the last minute, invite a few extra people than you normally would. Let FTGOP know your plans.


Have an agenda. Know what to do when guests arrive then after offering hospitality, gather guests for a short presentation, making your fundraising goals clear, and letting people know exactly how they can donate and participate. 


Allow guests to mingle and keep the conversation going. Serve drinks and food. Revisit the conversation about FTGOP throughout your party. Check in with guests so they know exactly how they can help or donate. 

Keep a contact list of your guests so you can follow up, include them in social media, and send them a thank you note.

One Franklin, One Family



Download the FTGOP

house party guide.

Select date, time and location of party and determine if you will have a co-host.

Make a guest list, prepare and send invites, include an RSVP date.

Create a menu and shop for the appropriate items needed.

Prepare a short presentation for your guests outlining the FTGOP mission and talking about the candidates. 

Have a collection area ready for checks. Print FTGOP literature to hand out. Collect names and contact info.

Prepare your home, food, and drinks.

Follow up with thank you notes and provide FTGOP with the contact info you gathered.  

One Franklin, One Family

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