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Remembering Alex Mansaray

Updated: May 5, 2020

Today the Franklin Township GOP and the Franklin Township Republican Club lost a longtime resident and dear friend, Alex Mansaray. Alex was the host of the popular West African Radio Review on talk radio WCTC The Voice of Central Jersey which aired at 11:00 AM every Monday. The radio show highlighted the issues affecting his community.

An article from CocoRioko states, "Mr. Mansaray, who has lived in Franklin for 25 years, seeks to give these communities a voice in the decision-making that takes place in Franklin. He hopes to educate new citizens as to the responsibilities of citizenship, as well as the benefits, here in America." Anyone fortunate to have spent time with Alex will remember his passion for both America and his native Sierra Leon homeland.

Alex was also a Franklin Township Republican Committee Member where he participated in political strategy and the local township race for mayor and council. His support to the Sierra Leonean community on behalf of the Franklin Township GOP was invaluable.

FTGOP Chairman Bob LaCorte fondly remembers his many conversations with Alex about West Africa. He recalls Alex saying, "You have to come with me to visit my country and see its beauty." The two of them spent many hours discussing everything from Africa to politics.

Our deepest condolences go out to Alex's family and friends.

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