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Let FTGOP Rock Franklin Township

Did you know that Franklin Township is not in an earthquake zone, but minor tremors have been recorded in our history? Eighteenth century records tell of quakes "strong enough to waken people, open doors and dislodge chimney bricks." 1

Just like a minor tremor, Franklin Township GOP candidates want to rock our town by shaking things up. Our candidates want to be completely open and accessible to residents. They want to develop real estate responsibly and keep taxes down.

Minor tremors don't cause damage, but they sure get your attention. If you're ready to see things shaken up a bit, let FTGOP grab your attention. Vote for our One Franklin, One Family team on November 5, 2019.

1. F. and E. Bucher, Preliminary History of Millstone, p.6. Unpublished manuscript. Copy in Franklin Township Public Library Historical Collection.


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